Porto Franco, 2011CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 17.4

Jazz Ruler Type: Fusion
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 5
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O’s Notes: Gojogo is a quartet with Sarah Jo Zaharako (violin, vocals), Roger Rieflbauer (g), Elias Reitz (perc, g) and Eric Perney (b). They include many guest artists as they celebrate their third album. The music is meant to parallel a lifetime: 28,000 Days translates to the average lifespan of 76 years. The music is edgy on “Escapist”, exotic on “Yekermo”, eerie on “Bali Hai”, reflective on “God Don’t Make Junk” and insightful on the title track. This is quite a wide spectrum of sounds, all well executed and taking us into a different realm.


Publicist: Porto Franco Records