Okazaki, Miles

Sunnyside, 2009CD
Instrument: Guitar

Issue: 15.2

Jazz Ruler Type: Avant Garde
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: Guitarist Okazaki is the writer and producer of Generations, his second album as a leader. He is more focused on this release yet still pushing the envelope towards free jazz. Dan Weiss (d) and Jon Flaugher (b) form the rhythm section with Jan Shyu providing vocal instrumentation. There is a trio of saxophones consisting of Miguel Zenón, David Binney and Christof Knoche. The session was recorded as a continuum over 60 minutes with no gaps between the songs. This ensured continuity of the natural theme and spawned creativity. We especially enjoyed “Waves”, the peaceful tranquility of “Magic” and the high energy of “Moon”. This is a strong effort from one of the most daring jazz musicians on the scene today.


Publicist: Red Cat Publicity