Krishnamurthy Tandon, Chandrika

Soul Chants, 2011CD
Instrument: Female Vocals

Issue: 17.1

Jazz Ruler Type: Pop+Jazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
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Sound: 3
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O’s Notes: This is a taste of world jazz from Calcutta. It was recorded in 2009 and was a Grammy nominee in 2011. Tandon is a traditional Indian vocalist singing a program subtitled Om Namo Narayanaya. This is said to cleanse the body of all disease causing cells. A cast of musicians playing guitar, flute, sitar, sarod, violin and percussion backs her. The music is best used in morning meditation sessions to aid in healing the body. Tandon is a woman of many talents. In addition to her vocal talents, she is the Chairman of Tandon Capital and a trustee at New York University and American India Foundation.


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