Impossible Gentlemen

Basho Records, 2012CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 18.4

Jazz Ruler Type: Fusion
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
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Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: This is a seemingly unusual grouping of musicians of various ages that come together to make really cool jazz. Gwilym Simcock (p), Mike Walker (g), Steve Swallow (b) and Adam Nussbaum (d) are The Impossible Gentlemen. They play a program of eight original tunes, 4 by Walker, 3 by Simcock and 1 by Nussbaum. They are mellow, easy to embrace songs ranging from bebop to soft fusion to rockin’ soulful blues. Surprisingly it is not disjointed but fresh and one of the best collaborations of British and American musicians.


Publicist: Two for the Show Media