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    New Dance Moves

    October 1, 2022

    O's Notes: Belgian jazz keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin and Dutch keyboardist Flin Van Hemmen cobbled up an exchange during the pandemic that resulted in New Dance Moves, an intriguing collaboration. The music is like a soundscape, at a carnival, with an eerie mood in the backdrop. We liked the vibe on “Familie” with lively percussion and the humor on “We’re Not Doing Much Socialising”.

      Voodoo Nation

      October 1, 2022

      O's Notes: Producer, writer, bassist Fabrizio Grossi leads the Supersonic Blues Machine with drummer Kenny Aronoff and guitarist Kris Barras. They are the rockin’ core musicians on Voodoo Nation, a rock album with blues hues. King Solomon sings and adds lead guitar on “You And Me”, Josh Smith (g) shines on “Get It Done”, Sonny Landreth’s slide guitar defines “Ball Lucy”, and Joe Louis Walker plays lead guitar and sings on “Is It All”. Those are just a few of many guest artists who help elevate this high-octane experience

        Play or Die

        October 1, 2022

        O's Notes: Tony Williams was one of the most sort after drummers in the Jazz-fusion hay days (1970s). His control of tempo and tuning the tonal signature of his drums distanced him from the pack. He’s celebrated here in re-release of a retro recording, Play or Die from 1980, a collection of original music with Tom Grant (keyboards) and Patrick O’Hearn (b). Tony’s solo on “Beach Ball Tango” is worth the price of the CD alone! We also enjoyed “Jam Tune” and “Para Oriente”. This is a fine trip to yesteryear.

          Face á Face

          October 1, 2022

          O's Notes: American jazz bassist Barre Phillips collaborates with Hungarian electronics player György Kurtág Jr. on Face à Face, an unusual, creative approach to music. The sounds are eerie and full of adventure on this free jazz experience and the audio quality is excellent.