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    Quintet Music

    April 2, 2024

    O's Notes: The rhythm section is formidable by itself with bassist Dave Captein, pianist Greg Goebel, and leader drummer Chris Lee. When you add trumpeter Thomas Barber and guitarist Dan Balmer, with blended melodies, you’ve got a fine quintet. “Castalia”, “(A Little) Travlin’ Music”, and “Can He Wheel Her?” are examples of the variety of tempos on Quintet Music.

      Home is Here

      April 2, 2024

      O's Notes: Brazilian Jazz saxophonist, composer, conductor Felipe Salles leads his Interconnections Ensemble in a session focused on immigration and its impact on the international jazz community. The brass stands out on this symphony, especially on tunes like “Two Worlds Together” featuring vocalist Magos Herrera. Sofia Rey adds vocals to soften tunes like “Meridian 63”. Guitarist Chico Pinheiro leads the melody on “The Promise of Happiness”. We also enjoyed “World Citizen” featuring Yosvany Terry (a-sax). Home Is Here showcases the powerhouse orchestra with the dexterity of a vibrant jazz ensemble.


        April 2, 2024

        O's Notes: Female, drummer, composer Mareike Wiening leads a quintet with Rich Perry (t-sax), Glenn Zaleski (p), Alex Goodman (g) and Johannes Felscher (b) for Reveal. Perry leads the way on the opener “Time For Priorities” including a tasty solo from Goodman. Each of the musicians get a share of the spotlight along the way. “Declaration of Truth” and the lone cover, “Balada” are notable.

          Jet Black

          April 2, 2024

          O's Notes: Japanese free jazz pianist Satoko Fujii leads her Tokyo Trio with bassist Takashi Sugawa and drummer Ittetsu Takemura. We characterize Jet Black as syncopated, orderly chaos. There’s a story, an intelligible story that we could follow on tunes like “Sky Reflection” and “Take A Step”. We found this addition of Fujii’s spontaneous improvisation to be palatable, and certainly among her best efforts.


            April 2, 2024

            O's Notes: Bowmanville, not the town, the Chicago-based contemporary jazz band, plays entertaining music with accessible blues and pop themes. Graham Nelson’s vocals are spot on “Georgia” and “Saint James Infirmary”. He also plays harmonica and teams up with Adelsman on “Boiano Campobosso”. Mason Jiller (g), Oliver Horton (b), Ethan Adelsman (Violin), and Noah Plotkin (d) are the other featured musicians. We also dig the blues on “Weapons of Mass Distraction”.


              April 2, 2024

              O's Notes: B3 master, Mike LeDonne marries his Groover Quartet with a gospel choir for a cool blend of grooving contemporary jazz. The quartet is a polished unit with Eric Alexander (t-sax), Peter Bernstein (g), and Joe Farnsworth (d). There are eight selections centered on Mike’s life and his Wonderful daughter Mary, focused on the power of love. They open with “Let Us Go” featuring the choir, Vincent Herring (a-sax), and Daniel Sadownick (perc). This is a unique combination with fresh arrangements as on “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” and “Put It Back”.