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    Night’s Quietest Hour

    December 30, 2022

    O's Notes: Gordon Grdina (oud) invites guitarist Marc Ribot to join his Haram, twelve musicians for Night’s Quietest Hour, his new release. It starts with a middle-Eastern vibe on “Longa Nahawand” that is pervasive throughout the set. They add fusion on “Sala Min Shaaraha A-Thahab” with chants and passionate vocals from Emad Armoush. It’s a fine example of Arabic music.

      We Stay Still

      December 30, 2022

      O's Notes: Swiss pianist, composer Matthieu Mazué leads a trio with bassist Xaver Ruegg and drummer Michael Cina. These three young musician engage in relaxed, spontaneous improvisation that is thought provoking on We Stay Still. Mazué is the dominant player shining on “Supply Chains” and “Dislocation”.

        When Is Ancient?

        December 30, 2022

        O's Notes: Canadian pianist composer Andrés Vial assembles a trio with bassist Martin Heslop and drummer Tommy Crane for nine vibrant original tunes. The music is pleasant and easier to embrace, centered around Vial with varied tempos. ”Mister Mystery” and “Orundellico” are highlights.

          Time Is Color

          December 30, 2022

          O's Notes: Guest vocalist Days delivers spoken word on the opener “Monday, The 26th” (and four other tracks). It comes on top of cool, contemporary jazz rhythms from pianist, sound designer, leader Cedric Hanriot with Bertrand Bernard (b), and Ellie Martin Charriere (d, perc). They mix the lyrical tracks with pure instrumentals in the 13-song session. Hanriot’s piano exchanges standout, especially on “Water”, and the funky “Souly” featuring Bernard. Time Is Color is an album that makes Cedric Hanriot a relevant artist in edgy contemporary jazz space.