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    and James Brandon Lewis

    June 30, 2024

    O's Notes: The Messthetics are a punk-fusion trio with bassist Joe Lally, drummer Brendan Canty, and guitarist Anthony Pirog. They mix tempos from the racy, syncopated “That Thing” to the relaxed “Three Sisters”. Our favorite is “Railroad Tracks Home” featuring guest saxophonist James Brandon Lewis.


      June 30, 2024

      O's Notes: Dean Mucetti is a drummer, bandleader, and educator who formed the 6-piece band Rhythm Real in 2015 as a vehicle to get his students more practice and exposure. Mucetti and some of his protégés recently released their debut recording, Isolate // Integrate, a product initiated during the pandemic. The music has subtle funky beats with an old-school jazz fusion. “Loose Satin” is the best of six lengthy selections, a bit of a jam session.


        June 30, 2024

        O's Notes: Bassist, composer and producer Bruno Råberg assembles a tentet, a band that continued to evolve over many live performances, hence the title, Evolver! Bruno makes good use of the large ensemble to create texture and depth well beyond his last solo outing. We like the mysterious vibe on “Mode Natakapriya” & “Erebus”, and the tranquility that threads throughout the set. The last for songs comprise “The Echos Suite”, building sounds to encompass the entire band.


          June 30, 2024

          O's Notes: Smooth jazz guitarist Ronny Smith has a storied past playing in the Army band and with ten albums under his belt. Struttin’ is his latest endeavor and you can hear threads of George Benson and Wes Montgomery in his repertoire, ten songs including eight originals. There are light vocals and warm sax from a wide array of talented musicians. We enjoyed the relaxed take of “Angel”. While Smith shines on the contemporary jazz side, he’s got the chops for straight ahead jazz as well, and we suspect such an album may be in his future.