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    The Monk Project

    January 18, 2021 | Comments Off

    O's Notes: Saxophonist Dan Willis pays homage to the legendary Thelonious Monk on The Monk Project. There is a throwback, jazz-fusion vibe circa late 1970s that permeates the tribute. Opening with a gutsy, sax/guitar take of “Hackensack”, Willis and his band set the stage for a great session. Pete McCann (g), Ron Oswanski (Fender Rhodes), Evan Gregor (b) and John Mettam (d) are the core accompaniment for Willis. They swing hard on “Rhythm-A-Ning” featuring Oswanski, Mattam and Willis. This is a sound interpretation of Monk’s music.

      Where We Started

      January 18, 2021 | Comments Off

      O's Notes: Pianist, composer Julian Shore assembles a fine band with Edward Perez (b), Colin Stranahan (d) and Dayna Stephens (t-sax, s-sax). Ben Monder adds guitar of four selections, Caroline Davis (a-sax) plays on two songs and Oded Tzur (t-sax) steps in on the title track. The program is mostly relaxing piano and peaceful jazz-fusion. We especially enjoyed “Nemesis”, “Winds, Currents” and “Marshes, Amphibians”.

        Volume Four

        January 18, 2021 | Comments Off

        O's Notes: Volume IV picks up where III left off with more retro vocal pop ballads in various instrumental configurations. Vocals come from Francie Conway, Marti Caine, Sparrow, JJ White and others. Most of the music is previously unreleased, created during the past 50 years. The songs are fresh, even today! Songwriter and former Zombies guitarist Chris White has lots more gas in his tank!