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    The Source

    December 30, 2022

    O's Notes: This is Kenny Barron’s first solo piano release in 40 years! He gives us lots of variety with five fresh standards and four original compositions. The music is vibrant, peaceful, dynamic and compassionate owed to the master, Barron at work.

      Serendipity in Venice

      December 30, 2022

      O's Notes: Singaporean pianist Cheryl Ann Spencer performs in a quintet with Sasha Mashin (d), Alex Sipiagin (t, flugelhorn), Robert Bonisolo (sax) and Makar Novikov (b) for Serendipity in Venice, 51 minutes of musical splendor. There is excellent musicianship throughout the session across the band. The program is mostly enticing ballads along with the grooving vibe of “Voyage” and “Reunion“ to finish the set.


        December 30, 2022

        O's Notes: Bassist, composer Santi Debriano assembles Arkestra Bembe including Andrea Brachfeld (fl), TK Blue (a-sax), Robby Ameen (d) and several other talented musicians for Ashanti. He leaves room for strong bass solos as on “Imaginary Guinea”. We enjoyed the relaxed groove on “Till Then”, “Spunky” featuring Ray Sero (b-sax), Emile Turner (t), and Brachfeld, also the swinging “Basilar”.


          December 30, 2022

          O's Notes: Swiss trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti has matured as a musician through the decades. At 80, he’s more focused on rich, sweet sound from his flugelhorn than blazing across the scales with piercing high notes! Nora is a collection of warm ballads with a lush string orchestra conducted by Alan Broadbent featuring Sara Caswell (violin). The songs are classics, with fresh arrangements that will sooth your soul. Scott Cooley (b), Uri Caine (p) and Peter Erskine (d) provide a solid foundation. Guest John Scofield shines on “Morning Sunrise of A Spring Flower”. “All Blues” and “Autumn Leaves” are notable.


            December 30, 2022

            O's Notes: Guitarist Tomas Janzon opens strong on ”Out Door Valley” followed by “Rob’s Piano” with vibraphonist Steve Nelson. There are two bass/drum combinations over eleven bebop selections. Janzon and Nelson work well together on six selections, our favorites of the set.

              Sweet Invitation

              December 30, 2022

              O's Notes: Los Angeles-based vocalist Beverly Church Hogan is a veteran musician who surrounds herself with an excellent team including Bob Sheppard (sax), Grant Grosman (g) and Kevin Winard (perc). Pianist John Proulx arranges nine classics produced by Mark Winkler for Hogan’s Sweet Invitation. “Invitation” and “When October Goes” are among the best.