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    A Congregation of Folks

    July 1, 2021

    O's Notes: Italian saxophonist and composer Daniele Germani leads a band formed during their time at Berklee where they spent countless hours together as friends and music students. Now all in New York, the global quartet comes together for Germani’s debut. The tones are well-integrated between the musicians with most melodies being performed by pianist Justin Salisbury and Germani. Giuseppe Cucchiara (b) and Jongkuk Kim (d) round out the band. They explore free space on “You Like Won’t Find A Better Listener”. We enjoyed the tranquility of “They Move In On The Action” as they are off to a good start.

      There Will Never Be Another You

      July 1, 2021

      O's Notes: Calle Loiza is a Street in Puerto Rico that is the home of a famous jazz Club Mini’s, where jazz musicians could congregate, sit-in and jam with local talent: Jimmy Rivera (d), Paul Neves (p) and Héctor Veneros (sax). Rivera teams up with Tony Batista (b), Mark Monts de Oca (p), Iván Bellis (perc), Xavier Barreto (fl), André Avelino (g), Cándido Reyes (guiro) to form the Calle Loíza Jazz Project. They invite guest trumpeters Melvin Jones and Gordon Vernick to form a large Latin ensemble performing classic tunes rearranged with Caribbean vibrancy. What started as a small project to honor legends who’d passed on evolved to this magical ensemble. You’ll hear flutes, guitars, muted trumpets, timbales, bongos and all the wealth of the Latin Jazz in a nice package.

        Mazel Tov Kocktail!

        July 1, 2021

        O's Notes: Ira B. Liss has been living his dream of leading a big band for over forty years! Of course while the members have changed during this time, the character of Jazz Machine has been constant, a jovial, swinging ensemble that packs a punch. They are a tight unit with crisp, punchy accents over 12 selections including 6 vocals, 3 each from Carly Ines and Janet Hammer. Guest composer Dan Radlauer adds 3 originals and plays accordion on “Mazel Tov Kocktail”. We also enjoyed “Gimme That” written by saxophonist Andrew Neu, and “Bass: The Final Frontier” featuring guest Nathan East on bass.

          Kates Soulfood

          July 1, 2021

          O's Notes: Baritone vocalist Allan Harris tells the story of love and a harmonious life on Kate’s Soulfood with ten original selections. He’s backed by a strong band including Grégoire Maret (harmonica), Nimrod Speaks (b) and David Castañeda (perc). Can we let the power of love heal some of our lingering pandemic and political pains? Do we trust our hearts or do we “Run Through America”? We can find solutions looking back on Allan’s memories while enjoying the funky vibes of “Open Up!” and “Shallow Man”. Kate’s Soulfood is a winning, reflective and mobilizing set.


            July 1, 2021

            O's Notes: This is a fine collection of modern jazz and ballads composed by soprano saxophonist and conductor Ted Nash. Music is performed by a plethora of all-star musicians including Sherman Irby (a-sax, a-fl), Victor Gaines (t-sax), Wynton Marsalis (t) and drummer Obed Calvaire. There are also spoken word excerpts by Glenn Close, Eli Nash and Wayne Brady that address many of the social issues we face but don’t often discuss openly like “Dear Dad”, “A Piece By The Angriest Black Man in America” and “One Among Many”. The combination of words and great music leads to an informative, engaging and rich session.