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    September 30, 2021

    O's Notes: The B3 is at the core of Strollin’ and there’s nobody better than veteran Tony Monaco at the helm. Hendrick Meurkens (harmonica), Mark Lucas (g) and producer Reid Hoyston (d) round out the quartet. Meurkens’ melodies warmed our soul on “Roz Da Cat” and “A Child Is Born” with soothing solos from Lucas and Monaco as well. Lucas shines on the title track but this is truly a balanced effort, one worth repeating!

      If You Could Read My Mind

      September 30, 2021

      O's Notes: Nicki Parrott sings about romance from her heart. Her voice is soft and tender, very inviting over these dozen contemporary ballads. She also does a fine job on bass. David Blenkhorn (g), Larry Fuller (p) and Lewis Nash (d) round out the rhythm section. There are great covers of “Lean On Me”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Jolene” and “This Girl’s In Love With You” featuring Parrott (b, vocals) and tenor saxophonist Harry Allen. We also enjoyed the swinging groove of “You Belong To Me.”


        September 30, 2021

        O's Notes: Bass, guitar, drums and electronic keyboards fill the air on Excursions, the second release from composer, multi-instrumentalist, Adam Glaser. He departs from the trio format of Wide Awake performing all of the music using virtual instruments. He cuts across a wide range a contemporary jazz genres over the 15 selections. “Con Artist” is a little funky. “Who Wants Lentil Soup” is more adventurous, and the happily syncopated “A Little Bit of Your Love” highlights Glaser’s organ prowess. We also enjoyed the banjo on “I’m Ready”. Adam’s creativity bodes well.

          In Harmony

          September 30, 2021

          O's Notes: This is an excellent recording revisiting two legends, the late trumpeter Roy Hargrove and late pianist Mulgrew Miller. This live recording was captured from two sessions, on January 15, 2006 at the Kaufman Music Center, NY and on November 9, 2007 at Lafayette College, PA. Miller displays incredible 2-handed prowess on “What Is This Thing Called Love” and Hargrove is right there with him in a spirited exchange. That just the first of thirteen selections on two discs including the encore for nearly 2 hours of entertainment. Roy exhibits rich mellow tone on the ballads to warm your soul. Just sit back and enjoy while browsing through 68 pages of liner notes, photos and interviews. They are truly In Harmony.

            Going For It

            September 30, 2021

            O's Notes: This is a live session recorded at the 1369 Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA in 1985. Jerry Bergonzi captured the performance from the audience on cassettes with uncanny quality. The audience is very participative, in fact they scared the crap out of me when I first heard some of the comments in the background, the downside of a great listening studio. Drummer Alan Dawson keeps a spirited pace and plays a lively solo by on “Going For It” while the spotlight reigns mostly on guitarist Mike Stern and leader, bassist Harvie S. It’s a classic mid-80s set!