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    Elegant Fish

    July 1, 2021

    O's Notes: Brazilian jazz saxophonist and composer Marcio Resende has a romantic voice that is airy, deep and warm. We especially enjoyed the soft samba feel on “Final De Tarde” featuring Resende on flute, then returning to tenor sax to lead Jobim’s “Meditation”. Marcio is joined by electric guitarist Sandro Albert for “Along Came Betty”. Helio Alves (p) and Toninho Horta (acoustic guitar) also shine on the set. Other highlights are “Estate” and “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” making Elegant Fish a winner.

      Flyways Murmuration

      July 1, 2021

      O's Notes: Pianist and composer Mara Rosenbloom forms a trio with bassist Rashaan Carter and improvisational vocalist Anaïs Maviel who also plays the Surdo Drum. Flyways: Murmuration is a rather interesting endeavor. Anaïs is quite poetic and speaks in dark tones, melodic tones, and in free form. The highlight of this recording is the supporting instrumentation including some of the vocalizations. It is music that is formed on solid improvisational jazz that resonates in the backdrop of the spoken work and singing. Among the best are “These Foolish Things”, “Bird Migration Theme” and “Dream of a Common Language”.


        July 1, 2021

        O's Notes: Kinetic is the big band debut of pianist Steven Feifke and it includes an abundance of talent. They open with Feifke dancing across the keys on the title track. Then Steven turns to his band for explosive intervention! Lucas Pino (sax) shines on “The Sphinx”, vocalist Veronica Swift softens the set “On The Street Where You Live”. Bassist Dan Chimielinski opens “Midnight Beat” which also features Alex Tarantino on alto sax.

          Branches Vol. 2

          July 1, 2021

          O's Notes: This is Volume 2 of Branches from the Brooklyn-based, Japanese violinist, composer Tomoko Omura. She came to the US after receiving a scholarship to study at Berklee where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2007. She’s been an explosive part of the New York jazz scene since 2010. She plays with her working quintet including Jeff Miles (g), Glenn Zaleski (p), Pablo Menares (b) and Jay Sawyer (d). There is an abundance of positive energy in Omura’s playing notably on “Come Firefly”. We also enjoyed the soliloquy on “Bow’s Dance”.


            July 1, 2021

            O's Notes: Italian vocalist, Mafalda Minnozzi takes us into the world of Jobim as she puts her twist on Bossa Nova. Mafalda sings in English and Brazilian Portuguese, scatting, flexing the notes and expressing herself fully to delight listeners. She gets strong support from bassists Essiet Okon Essiet and Harvie S, percussionists Will Calhoun and Rogerio Boccato, Paul Ricci (g), Art Hirahara (p) and Victor Jones (d). There are thirteen freshly arranged classics including “Dindi”, “Desafinado”, “Samba Da Bencão” and “Chega De Saudade”. Semsorial is a view of Brazil from a different angle.

              This Song Is New

              July 1, 2021

              O's Notes: Many consider guitarist and composer Lorne Lofsky old school, a good thing in this case. This Song Is New is a series of great songs made even better with warm sax from Kirk MacDonald complimenting Lofsky’s mellow guitar on top of a solid foundation anchored by bassist Kieran Overs and drummer Barry Romberg. There are seven songs over 43 minutes wrapping up with our favorite, “Stablemates”.