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    Be Still

    October 2, 2023

    O's Notes: Jalen Baker is a young, jazz vibraphonist, and bandleader bringing tremendous energy into Modern jazz. Paul Cornish (p), Gabriel Godoy (b), and Gavin Moolchan (d) join him on Be Still representing Baker’s journey this far. We like the peacefulness of “Lexis Lullaby”, the energy of “Herzog”, and “Jinrikisha” with a fine bass solo. Jalen is chopping it up all the way through as on “There’s Beauty In Fear”, leaving us anxious for more.

      After Life

      October 2, 2023

      O's Notes: Brian McCarthy (a-sax) leads a 9-piece band for After Life, an introspective view of our place in space! There are 8 original selections including energetic numbers like “The Beginning” and the more reflective “Flux” that layered the brass in an appreciable arrangement. Matt Aronoff opens “Kepler’s Law” with a fine bass solo. They caught our attention on the title track, a 3-part movement with rich layered brass and warm tones that really swings!


        October 2, 2023

        O's Notes: Spanish trumpeter, vocalist, and composer Alba Careta assembles a quintet for Teia, a fresh set of original and traditional Catalan music. Teia is a type of wood that burns easily, and this ensemble is up to the title! Alba’s vocals are bathed by the sax of Lucas Martinez on “Un Núvol Blanc”, and she pairs with bassist Giuseppe Campisi on “A Voltes En El Cor”. The upbeat instrumentals are enticing as well notably “Fortes” and “Bruixes”.