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    Jazz Dispensary: Super Skunk

    October 1, 2022

    O's Notes: Saxophonist Gary Bartz take a trip to yesteryear on Jazz Dispensary: Super Skunk. The music has a 1970s, funky, jazz-fusion vibe. They state the case on “Feeling Alright”, striking a groove that had us reminiscing. For sure there are a wealth of head bobbing songs here. We also enjoyed “New Found Truths” and “Los Custro Culturas” with that James Brown groove.

      Long Gone

      October 1, 2022

      O's Notes: Tenor saxophonist Joshua Redman, pianist Brad Mehldau, bassist Christian McBride and drummer Brian Blade are prominent first call jazz musicians who need no introduction. They started as Reman’s working band in the 1990s, reunited in 2020 for Round Again and come together now (Sept-2022) on Long Gone. Redman’s compositions come alive with this team especially on “Kite Song”, the title track and the 2007 live take of “Rejoice”. We had the good fortune of reviewing this fine quartet on both vinyl and CD. The CD is more in your face while the vinyl is laid back with greater dynamic range. The large disc is more inviting, both audibly and visually, it’s pure bliss!

        Echoes of Light

        October 1, 2022

        O's Notes: Saxophonist, composer Don Hanson leads a quartet with his son, bassist Don Hanson II, drummer Reggie Nicholson and pianist Shinzo Kano. “Do You Know” features Don’s daughter, vocalist Joy Hanson who swings along with the band in a call and response with Don. She delivers a spiritual messages on “He’s Right There” and “His Love” with a softness that seems piped directly from the clouds. This is a combination of Jazz and gospel that shines on more than Sundays!

          at the Hollywood Bowl

          October 1, 2022

          O's Notes: This recording captures Ella live At The Hollywood Bowl, August 1958. She is in her prime swinging, singing and scatting with the music of Irvin Berlin, mostly romance. The band is a large ensemble with crisp accents conducted by Paul Westin. Fitzgerald is incredibly melodic, shining on “How Deep Is The Ocean”, “Cheek To Cheek” and “The Song Is Ended”, just a few of fifteen classics.

            Lotus Blossom Days

            October 1, 2022

            O's Notes: Vocalist Vicki Burns has a voice that soars across these twelve selections on Lotus Blossom Days. Saxophonist Dayna Stephens, trumpeter Josh Deutsch and pianist Art Hirahara add rich accompaniment. “A Long Way To Go”, bouncy show tunes like “It’s Over Now/Well You Needn’t” and “Out Of This World” are among the best.

              If I Were Your Woman

              October 1, 2022

              O's Notes: Singer, songwriter Sidney Jacobs could be known in R&B circles as The Voice with his buttery, rich baritone and slick falsetto. The curious title outlines a mix of originals, jazz, and popular songs for his second outing as a leader. There’s a hard R&B vibe on “Facts” followed by Jacobs singing and scatting with jovial passion on “Weave The Tail” and “Been So Long”. These are just a few of the gems on a soulful set. “If I Were Your Woman” showcases Sidney as a romantic crooner, continuing his ascent on the contemporary jazz scene.