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    April 12, 2021

    O's Notes: The Jazz Worms are Andy Weyl (p), Keith Oxman (t-sax), Paul Romaine (d), Ron Miles (cornet) and Mark Simon (b). They got together back in 1984 and recorded Crawling Out in 1987. They are a Denver band and perform live on occasion. Capri’s Tom Burns enjoyed their live performance and recorded this effort in November 2017. Squirmin’ was just released in early 2021 proving that some good things take a bit of time. Yes, the music is at least as good as the story: bubbly, flowing originals that are catchy. We’ll be looking for them in Denver!

      After The Storm

      April 12, 2021

      O's Notes: Guitarist, composer and bandleader Nick Cuda celebrates his years of success with this collection of his best tunes over the last couple of decades. There’s a fine Latin flavor on “Broken Roses” that spills into “Be Mine”, and permeates the entire session. There are also a few smooth jazz tracks like “Latin Terrain” and “Una de Cauti”. Cuda’s trademark is infusing catchy hooks into his music.

        Future Stride

        April 12, 2021

        O's Notes: Pianist Emmet Cohen is bubbling with exuberance on Future Stride, combining his own compositions with several classics. He gets strong support from his core trio with bassist Russell Hall and drummer Kyle Poole. Guest artists Melissa Aldana (t-sax) and Marquis Hill (t) add savory depth and extended presence, notably on “Reflections at Dusk”, “Toast to Lo”, and the fleeting “You Already Know”. Among the best of the rest are the warm “Little Angel” and the title track as Cohen puts stride back in the mainstream.


          April 12, 2021

          O's Notes: This is the debut recording for Chris Pattishall, a polished pianist that has captured respect and admiration from many fellow musicians. He takes on Mary Lou Williams’ Zodiac Suite with his own dreamlike interpretations and arrangements. Zodiac gives us a song for each astrological sign and the songs range across the universe encompassing the taste of ragtime, ballads, bebop, and even some spacey out-of-this-world tunes as Pattishall expresses his imagination with a fine quintet including Riley Mulherkar (t), Rubin Fox (sax), Marty Jaffe (b) and Jamison Ross (d). The more we listened, the more we liked!