Rotondi, Jim

Cellar Music, 2024CD
Instrument: Trumpet

Issue: 30.1

Jazz Ruler Type: BigBand
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
Sound Chart

Score: 78
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O’s Notes: Trumpeter Jim Rotondi has a storied history playing jazz for a score in New York City before moving to Austria, performing, recording, and teaching at the University in Graz. He generally plays in small ensembles but plays with Notes and Tones Jazz Orchestra for Finesse, his latest album. Danny Grissett (keyboards), Karol Hondas (b) and Mario Gonzi (d) anchor the rhythm section while arranger, conductor Jakob Helling brings it all together. The music is dynamic but never blaring, as the power is well-modulated across 13 selections, 12 by Rotondi and “One Before Curtis” by Helling. Other highlights are “Ladybug”, “Falset”, and “For Curtis”. The music is soothing end to end.


Publicist: Lisa Reedy Promotions