Prieto, Dafnis

Dafnison Music, 2020CD
Instrument: Drums

Issue: 26.2

Jazz Ruler Type: Latin
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
Sound Chart

Score: 85
Score Chart

O’s Notes: Dafnis teaches at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. He designed a course to help students from all backgrounds get a grip on rhythmic syncopation, music on the offbeat. The exercises are designed for groups of students 2-35 in a classroom setting. He suggests clapping, tapping and/or vocalizing the beats. These exercises may be difficult starting out but become easier with time and practice, lots of practice! Start with a slower pace and build to a normal pace. Many musicians will have an easier time repeating these syncopated beats as opposed to reading them. So the book comes with 188 downloadable audio tracks so you can hear what the rhythms should sound like! There are three levels of instruction getting progressively more difficult and complex. Level 2 adds lengthier passages and more transitioning in time signatures. While performing one line can generally be mastered, one person clapping one line while singing another can be rather difficult but fun to try. Level 3 is extensive and even more engaging. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to play with more rhythmic accuracy in a multitude of situations. And you thought you had rhythm? You can do better with this book and have fun along the way.


Publicist: Two for the Show Media