This Is It!

Libra, 2018CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 24.2

Jazz Ruler Type: Avant Garde
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
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Sound: 3
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O’s Notes: Satoko Fuji is on a mission this year with monthly releases!“This Is It!“is the reincarnation of the Satoko Fujii New Trio. It morphed into Quartet Tobira with the addition of Natsuki Tamura on trumpet and then back to a trio, Tobira – One, with the loss of bassist Todd Nicholson. And today This Is It! Includes Tamura, Fujii and drummer Takashi Itani. They seek transformational music that is hot, hence the name“1538“the melting point of iron (in Celsius)! As always with Fujii and company, the music is highly improvisational, free jazz with an abundance of meter changes and yes, the heat is on!


Publicist: Braithwaite & Katz