Haino, Keiji

Rare Noise, 2019CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 25.4

Jazz Ruler Type: AcidJazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 1
Sound Chart

Score: 52
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O’s Notes: Become The Discovered, Not The Discoverer is a“lengthy, four-song session of heavily distorted, electronic rock mixed with freely improvised fusion. The band is a trio with Keiji Haino (g, b, electronics, vocal), Masami Akita (electronics, g) and BalÎzs PÎndi (d). If you can get past the haze of electronic distortion, you’ll find some excellent work by PÎndi. We found the most audible expressions from Haino and Akita on the third track ‘I Want To Learn To Feel Everything In Each Single Breath, Part I.‘ Keiji’s music is properly characterized as ‘noise music‘ in Japan.


Publicist: Hubtone