Mitchell, Nicole & Lisa E. Harris

FPE Records, 2020CD
Instrument: Mixed Vocals

Issue: 26.2

Jazz Ruler Type: AcidJazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 3
Sound Chart

Score: 73
Score Chart

O’s Notes: Nicole Mitchell and Lisa E Harris combine elements of chamber jazz with poetic spoken word. The inspiration for their music comes from Octavia E Butler’s science fiction novels, Parable Of The Sower (‘93) and its sequel Parable Of The Talents (‘98). EarthSeed explores the meaning of words simple and phrases. They question all of the meanings of life and how we can evolve from chaos. It was recorded in 2017 but is entirely relevant today. The passages are introspective and adventurous some including grunts, playful scatting, and chatter that can be rather challenging to listen to or make sense of. It can serve as an inspiration for evolution and relevance leading to ultimate acceptance. But the collage is perhaps too profound in its approach for some.


Publicist: D. L. Media