Hole, Sigurd

Elvesang, 2019CD
Instrument: Guitar

Issue: 26.1

Jazz Ruler Type: Pop+Jazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
Sound Chart

Score: 81
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O’s Notes: Sigurd Hole is a very creative, Norwegian jazz bassist who presents us with Lys/Mørke(light/dark), a double album inspired by photography and video of the beautiful, natural landscape of The Artic Hideaway, a small island off of the north coast of Norway. Sigurd fueled his improvisations on this solo effort while viewing photos and film from his stay in Fleinvær during 2017. The liner notes are excellent and include some great photos. There’s no roar of motor vehicles, sirens, airplanes or massive crowds of people leaving the sounds and sights of nature. Hole’s generous use of the bow and percussive beats on his bass open the soundstage and spur your imagination.


Publicist: Kim Smith PR