Tamura, Natsuki, Satoko Fujii & Ramon Lopez

Not Two, 2021CD
Instrument: Trumpet

Issue: 27.1

Jazz Ruler Type: Avant Garde
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
Sound Chart

Score: 77
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O’s Notes: This is a collaborative free jazz effort featuring Spanish drummer Ramon Lopez with Japanese trumpeter Natsuki Tamura and pianist Satoko Fujii. Each of the musicians contributes 3 original compositions and they are interspersed throughout the program. That leads to different moods from “Nine Steps To The Ground” with Fuji and Lopez setting the backdrop for Tamara to explode with improvisation on trumpet. They back off to a minimalistic approach that pulls listeners in on “Your Shadow” before displaying a more balanced attack on “Encounter”. Our favorites are the “Straw Coat” and “Came, Left”


Publicist: Braithwaite & Katz