The Musician’s Lifeline, 19E092019
Instrument: Erskine, Peter & David Black

Issue: Classic

Jazz Ruler Type: O’s Notes: This is an easy reader, a book written for everybody, even those with short attention spans. The advice comes from 164 professional musicians compiled by Peter Erskine and David Black. It is written specifically for musicians though many of the principles can be easily applied to other professions.

There’s a lot of reality in the artists comments and a realization that we all face challenges! The experiences ground the lessons and make them easy to embrace. The more we read, the more value we extracted. We found the information valuable for amateurs, young and seasoned professionals. The advice is relevant in an ever-changing world of music. It is candid advice with real life examples on Practice, Performing, Auditions, Traveling, Alternative Ways to Win and Business Aspects. It is parceled in a way you can absorb what you need as you need it, a true Reference Manual, The Musicians Lifeline.

Our final take, “When in doubt, use common sense, be respectful of others, the music, fellow musicians and the audience!”
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Publicist: 05/25/2020