James, Jimmy

Full Blown, 2002CD
Instrument: Male Vocals

Issue: 8.4w

Jazz Ruler Type: AcidJazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 2+
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O’s Notes: Jimmy is a female impersonator comic. He sings some of the hits of the 1970s and a few jazz acts mixed up with impromptu comedy. During the mid-1990s he spent a lot of time learning at clubs in Greenwich Village. These are live sessions captured on a Minidisc player. So while the sound quality is not perfect, the essence of the session is captured. There is certainly a lot of entertainment here as he imitates a multitude of great female vocalists including Eartha Kitt, Diana Ross, Cher and Patsy Cline. It is humorous and different, probably even more so visually.