Us3, 2007CD
Instrument: Mixed Vocals

Issue: 13.4

Jazz Ruler Type: AcidJazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 2
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O’s Notes: Us3 is a lot more than three people! The main crew is Gaston (rap), Akil Dasan (rap), Ed Jones (sax), Adeline (vocals) and Geoff Wilkinson (producer, programmer & various instruments). The groove is ripe on “ABC” with cool rap complemented by a slammin’ solo from Chris Storr (t) and scratching by DJ First Rate. The rap lyrics are full of rhymes without excessive profanity (only the last track) intertwined with fierce beats and cool improvisation. Ernie Cranenburgh makes a notable appearance with his guitar on “I Don’t Care”. We also liked the flow of “The Day That I Died” and “How ‘Bout It Baby?”. It may be ‘old school’ rap but it is fresh!


Publicist: RadX