Cederbaum, Fella

MahniVerse, 2023CD
Instrument: Female Vocals

Issue: 29.3

Jazz Ruler Type: Pop+Jazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 3
Sound Chart

Score: 60
Score Chart

O’s Notes: On “How Do You Know” Fella sounds like a seasoned, German, psychotherapist (Dr. Ruth Westheimer comes to mind) doing spoken word, visiting her prior life while embracing her current passion as a musician and short film-writer. This is her signature across the entire Speech Acrobats, her second music release, dedicated to her parents. “Truth Tango” is true to the title with a mild tango in the background. Fella dabbles with hip-hop on “The Great Offense”, a bit of a mismatch. Most of the songs are focused on Cederbaum’s truths, perspectives and wishes.


Publicist: Jazz Promo Services