Linton, Darlynn

Linton, 2008CD
Instrument: Female Vocals

Issue: 14.3

Jazz Ruler Type: R&B+Jazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: Lynn is a songwriter who shared a demo of her work with us. Her lyrics are great but we were equally impressed with her voice. Linton can stir your soul with a richness that can raise the goose bumps! This happens on several tunes including the title track. She opens up on “Things You Do” showing roots from the church. Linton sings about life, her daughters, her man and romance in a way that you can feel. Her range is wide enough to mesmerize on the melody of “A New Life” and then soar on “Everywhere I Go”. We were impressed enough to have her sing in our wedding but we want to encourage her to step up to recording her work with HER voice. We think she’s got what it takes as NAC/jazz female vocalist. And she also looks as good as she sounds! I’ll write the liner notes.


Publicist: Tommy