Spinnler, Lesette

TCB, 2005CD
Instrument: Female Vocals

Issue: 11.3

Jazz Ruler Type: Ballads, Blues
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 5
Performance Chart

Sound: 5
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O’s Notes: The soundstage is wide and deep giving a sense of open space and adventure from the initial track “Fountain of Adventure”. Lisette parallels this phenomenon when she adds the vocal track both with words and scatting. The band is formidable; playing a cool neo bop that works all by itself especially bassist Patrick Sommer who shines on the introduction to “Lost”. But the integration of the young Swiss vocalist amongst the notes takes this one up a couple of notches. “Evening Blues” is an example. Spinnler is not just another female vocalist singing regurgitated standards. Her interpretations of songs like “You Don’t What Love Is” transform them from ballads to dynamic jazz artistry. She is a true jazz vocalist using her voice as an instrument for improvisation as well as singing lyrics. She caught our attention!