Welsman, Carol

Justin Time, 2012CD
Instrument: Female Vocals

Issue: 18.3

Jazz Ruler Type: Pop+Jazz
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 3
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O’s Notes: Carol Welsman is gracing our ears with easy listening songs on Journey, a collection of 14 traveling odes. Samba beats, blues, pop and mellow arrangements enhance the spirit. We tried it out on a 500-mile road trip by SUV. We listened probably 3 or 4 times while driving before we took any notes. I’d say it is fit for the road or just any old Sunday. Highlights include “On The Road Again”, “Samba Do Avião” and “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”. Welsman’s voice is warm and her piano accompaniment bright and bubbly with a strong rhythm section including guitarist Pierre Coté.


Publicist: D. L. Media