Puoane, Tutu

Music & Words, 2009CD
Instrument: Mixed Vocals

Issue: 16.1

Jazz Ruler Type: Ballads, Blues
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
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Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: Puoane is a natural singer with true tone, clear articulation and wholesome messages in her lyrics. She wrote the lyrics to several tracks and speaks much about family ties and love. This is a true collaboration with her band, a trio led by pianist Ewout Pierreux. Nicholas Thys (b) and Lieven Venken (d) make strong contributions as well. Tutu allows the trio to play extended passages that are of merit especially on “I Know You Know”. We enjoyed this more each time we listened to it; the scatting on “Hlompha Boohelo” and poetic verse on “Old Man River” were a part of the diversity of approaches that were nicely integrated into Quiet Now.


Publicist: RadX