Saltman, Mark & William Knowles

Pacific Coast, 2009CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 15.1

Jazz Ruler Type: Latin
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
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Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: Mark Saltman (b) and William Knowles (p) are co-leaders and composers of the music for their band. Lori Williams Chisholm adds jazzy vocals with Jimmy Junebug Jackson (d), Alvin Trask (t) and Robert Landham (sax) comprising the rest of a talented band. Lori’s scatting on “Bellport”, the Latin tinged “A Study In Purple” and “It’s Been A Mad Spring” is like an additional melodic instrument. She sings words on the final track “Pain Management” enhancing our opinion of her beautiful voice. The music is straight-ahead ‘modern jazz’ with strong syncopated Afro-Cuban beats. The combination results in a unique, fresh session of moving jazz!


Publicist: Pacific Coast Jazz