Valentino, Johnnie

Omni Tone, 2006CD
Instrument: Guitar

Issue: 12.3

Jazz Ruler Type: Fusion
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
Sound Chart

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O’s Notes: Guitarist Johnny Valentino is celebrating the tuba as the keeper of the bass line in jazz ensembles. While far from common today, it was the mainstay in early jazz bands. Randy Jones does the honor along with Mick Rossi on the B3, Mark Ferber (d) and Bob Sheppard (cl, ts). The resulting combination mixes cool modern jazz with the New Orleans marching style. They open with spirited bop, the foot pattin’ type with a lot of syncopation. The sax is mellow and they play Spring fusion through most of the set before venturing in and out free space. We liked the mysteriously cool “Oyster Bay” and “Cowboy Coyote” best.


Publicist: Braithwaite & Katz