Glenious Inner Planet

Blue Bamboo, 2010CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 16.4

Jazz Ruler Type: Fusion
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 5
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O’s Notes: The Glenious Inner Planet is the jazz-fusion creation of bassist Glen Ackerman. It is planetary motion put to a series of cool jazz-fusion movements. They open with a fresh arrangement of Brubeck’s “Blue Rondo a la Turk” renamed “Blue Rondo a la Road”. Guitarist Paul Chester steps up on “Potato Wagon” a highly syncopated number with Ackerman adding a funky bass solo. We liked the music as much as the title: “The Thing, and the thing that make the thing the Thing”. Woody Witt (sax) adds the zip for “…this lontano i.” There are many gems in this galactic trip!


Publicist: Kari-On Productions