Calle Loíza

Mark Monts De Oca, 2020CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 27.2

Jazz Ruler Type: Latin
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
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Sound: 4
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Score: 84
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O’s Notes: Calle Loiza is a Street in Puerto Rico that is the home of a famous jazz Club Mini’s, where jazz musicians could congregate, sit-in and jam with local talent: Jimmy Rivera (d), Paul Neves (p) and Héctor Veneros (sax). Rivera teams up with Tony Batista (b), Mark Monts de Oca (p), Iván Bellis (perc), Xavier Barreto (fl), André Avelino (g), Cándido Reyes (guiro) to form the Calle Loíza Jazz Project. They invite guest trumpeters Melvin Jones and Gordon Vernick to form a large Latin ensemble performing classic tunes rearranged with Caribbean vibrancy. What started as a small project to honor legends who’d passed on evolved to this magical ensemble. You’ll hear flutes, guitars, muted trumpets, timbales, bongos and all the wealth of the Latin Jazz in a nice package.


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