Schiller, Andrew

rpr, 2017CD
Instrument: Guitar

Issue: 24.2

Jazz Ruler Type: Bebop
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: Bassist Andrew Schiller sits in the middle of his quintet marrying the rhythm section with two tenor saxophonists Henry Paz and Alec Harper. Frank Carlberg (p) and Robin Baytas (d) round out the band. The music is modern jazz, a good mix of bebop and ballads. “Gluckschmerz” and “Head Down, Walk” are among the best of the upbeat tunes while “Little Shoes” is one of the better ballads. The music is free flowing yet the musicians are in lock step,“Tied Together, Not To The Ground!


Publicist: Red Cat Publicity