Pallatto, Joanie & Marshall Vente

Southport, 2015CD
Instrument: Female Vocals

Issue: 21.3

Jazz Ruler Type: Ballads, Blues
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 4
Performance Chart

Sound: 3
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O’s Notes: Club going Chicago jazz fans are familiar with both vocalist Joanie Pallatto and pianist Marshall Vente who appear regularly in various configurations. They recorded Two in 1997 and the duo reunited in 2014 to record Two Again. Joanie is a true entertainer bending the lyrics with inflection and humor as well. Vente stays with her accentuating each phase giving thirteen classics a truly different feel. They sandwich two original tunes into the mix, a daring but delightfully different endeavor. It’s not for everybody but is magically delicious for appreciating audiences.


Publicist: Southport Records