Contemporary America

Adventure, 2007CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 13.2

Jazz Ruler Type: Latin
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Performance: 3
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Sound: 4
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O’s Notes: This is more appropriately titled Contemporary South America as the featured musicians Alvaro Montenegro (sax, fl) – Bolívia, Ari Colares (perc) – Brasil, Aquiles Báez (g) – Venezuela, Ben Taubkin (p) – Brasil, Carlos Aguirre (g, voice) – Argentina, Christian Galvez (b) – Chile, Lucia Pulido (voice) – Colombia, Siba (v, voice) – Brasil and Luis Solar Narciso (perc) – Peru are all from the South. The music contains all of the Spanish and African influences that are present in the music heard throughout South America. We really enjoyed “Mysterios De Mayo”, “Cajoning” and “Cantos De Vaqueria” with the soaring vocals of Pulido.


Publicist: Goldberg Media