Hamilton, Chico

Joyous Shout!, 2008CD
Instrument: Drums

Issue: 14.4

Jazz Ruler Type: Latin
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
Performance Chart

Sound: 2
Sound Chart

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O’s Notes: Chico returns to the format of his first recording in 1955 for this release. It’s a trio: guitar – Gary Denigris, bass – Paul Ramsey and drums by the maestro, Chico Hamilton. The spirit of the original grouping was to allow each musician to share the spotlight. That theme is repeated for eight songs in just over 28 minutes. Chico as always, is an impeccable timekeeper making the music swing on “What If” and “Nod To Gabor”. Our favorites were “6/8 for ch” and “Nuttye” from the 1955 session. The later is dedicated to the late Jimmy Cheatham who composed the song.


Publicist: Joyous Shout!