Mola, Tony

Blue Jackel, 2006CD
Instrument: Drums

Issue: 12.4

Jazz Ruler Type: Latin
O's Jazz Ruler

Performance: 3
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Sound: 3
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O’s Notes: Tony is a percussionist so it stands to reason that we can feel the pulse of samba resonating throughout this recording. Mola is from the state of Bahia, Brazil a place rich with culture and a relaxed festive pace. He grew up engulfed in samba, striking the rhythms on cans, pans and almost anything else he could find. The music he’s playing now is an expression of his life, the pains but much more the pleasures. Like many Brazilians, Mola has found ways to extract the best and fortunately, his translation to music can reach many of us, inspiring us to celebrate and enjoy life. “Beregede” and “Acenda A Brasa” are excellent examples.


Publicist: Blue Jackel Entertainment