Marsalis Family

Marsalis, 2002CD
Instrument: Instrumental

Issue: 9.1w

Jazz Ruler Type: Classic
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Performance: 4+
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Sound: 4+
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O’s Notes: This is among the most musically gifted families ever. Led by the patriarch, Ellis (p) with his sons Wynton (t), Branford (sax), Jason (d) and producer/trombonist Delfeayo, the family is joined by Roland Guerin (b) with guest appearances from Harry Connick (p) and Lucien Barbarin (tb) each of whom has been inspired and educated by Ellis. While one might expect that the brothers played music together in their youth directed by daddy like the Jackson’s, this was not the case. This 2001 performance is one of the rare occasions where the family has performed together. They were honoring Ellis’s retirement from University of New Orleans. The music, feeling and integration are impeccable, truly a celebration.